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About Stories con Spirito

Stories Con Spirito is a commissioned compilation of progressively leveled performance pieces for young pianists. Each piece provides unique opportunities for the beginning performer, including graphic notation, interesting sororities, world music inspiration, and improvisation.

Inspired by Bowling Green State University’s Collegiate Chapter of MTNA’s annual Fresh Ink event, 

Stories Con Spirito aims to inspire young pianists through new music that pushes the boundaries of typical pedagogical compositions. 

Many phenomenal pedagogues were consulted throughout the process of creating this set of pieces, including Dr. Cole Burger, Dr. Robert Satterlee, Mrs. Karen Thickstun, and Dr. Christopher Madden. Without their help and advice, this project would not have been possible!

Inspired by Fresh Ink...

A collaboration between Bowling Green State Univeristy composers and teachers, the Fresh Ink project promotes the composition and performance of beginner-intermediate pedagogical music. BGSU’s collegiate MTNA chapter facilitates the pairing of a composer with a private music teacher who will then select one or more students to participate in the project by learning and premiering music composed for them specifically. The collaboration creates dialogue between the composer, teacher, and student on parameters for the composition such as musical strengths, areas of growth, level, student interests and hobbies, etc. Teachers guide the students in learning their music and prepare them for a performance where all participating members and friends and family are present.

Fresh Ink has a wide impact in fostering collaboration and creativity between teachers, composers and students. Teachers participating in this project are challenged to identify strengths and weaknesses in their students’ playing, as well as discover motivating factors, and communicate those with the composers. The latter gain from the experience by being coached through pedagogical writing, and the benefit of a performer and performance. Having a personalized piece of music gives students ownership and motivation in addition to a unique performance opportunity. Allowing the students to participate in the composition process diversifies their musical experience and inspires their creativity. Through Fresh Ink, BGSU students have collaborated with teachers outside of the university, reaching out to both teachers and composers in the local chapter and district of MTNA. It has also involved a variety of instruments (strings, brass, piano). Finally, holding a recital in the open performance space at the local public library, Fresh Ink is an inspiration to the community at large.

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